Methods to Improve Local Authorities’ Revenue

Local authorities are vested with the responsibility of providing essential services and infrastructure at the grassroots level.


Local authorities are vested with the responsibility of providing essential services and infrastructure at the grassroots level. They often face challenges in generating sufficient revenue to meet their responsibilities.

To address this issue, various methods can be employed to improve their revenue streams. Improved revenue streams contribute to the overall development and well-being of local areas.


Ways of Increasing Local Authorities’ Revenue

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  1. Increase Grants from Central Government: The central government should allocate a higher proportion of its revenue to local authorities as grants. This will provide them with additional financial resources to carry out their functions effectively.
  2. Timely and Regular Grants Disbursement: Grants provided by the central government should be disbursed regularly and promptly. This will enable local authorities to plan and invest in viable projects with confidence.
  3. Review and Adjust Local Rates: Local rates should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are in line with current economic conditions. If rates are low and fail to keep up with inflation, they should be adjusted appropriately to boost revenue.
  4. Strengthen Revenue Collection: The revenue collection sector of local authorities should be overhauled to improve efficiency and transparency. Qualified officers with proven integrity should be responsible for revenue collection to minimize leakages and enhance accountability.
  5. Easier Access to Loans: Local authorities should be allowed by the central government to access loans more easily from financial institutions. This will enable them to fund development projects and initiatives that can generate revenue in the long run.
  6. Embark on Revenue-Yielding Projects: Local authorities should identify and invest in revenue-yielding projects such as agriculture, housing projects, or infrastructure development. These projects can generate income for the local authorities while also benefiting the community.
  7. Educate and Mobilize Local Residents: Efforts should be made to educate and mobilize local residents to pay their rates and taxes regularly. Awareness campaigns and incentives can be used to encourage compliance, thereby boosting revenue collection.
  8. Regular Auditing of Accounts: Local authorities should undergo regular auditing of their financial accounts. Auditing helps ensure transparency, accountability, and the proper utilization of funds, leading to more efficient revenue management.
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