Measures for Export Drive

Export drive refers to the collective efforts undertaken by a country's government to promote the export of goods and services to foreign nations.


Export drive refers to the collective efforts undertaken by a country’s government or its authorized agencies to promote and enhance the export of goods and services to foreign nations. It involves various strategies aimed at boosting international trade and contributing to a country’s economic growth.

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Measures Government Can Take for Export Drive

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  1. Reduction/Elimination of Export Duties: Governments can encourage exports by reducing or eliminating export duties, which reduces the cost of exporting goods.
  2. Infrastructure Improvement: Enhancing sea and airport facilities ensures efficient transportation of goods for export.
  3. Communication Infrastructure: Improving communication facilities facilitates better coordination between exporters and international markets.
  4. Freight Reduction: Lowering sea and air freight charges for exports makes exported goods more competitive.
  5. Export Promotion Agency: Establishing an agency dedicated to promoting exports provides focused support to exporters.
  6. International Trade Fairs: Organizing trade fairs on an international scale showcases a country’s products to potential foreign buyers.
  7. Currency Devaluation: Devaluing the local currency can make exports more affordable and attractive in foreign markets.
  8. Credit Facilities for Exporters: Offering credit facilities to exporters helps manage cash flow and operational expenses.
  9. Marketing Board Revival: Resuscitating marketing boards can aid in controlling quality standards and pricing of exports.
  10. Public Enlightenment Campaigns: Engaging in public awareness campaigns educates businesses about export opportunities and requirements.
  11. Agricultural Production Encouragement: Supporting increased agricultural output contributes to a broader range of exportable products.
  12. Extensive Research: Conducting research into farm production ensures efficient and quality-oriented processes, leading to better exports.
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